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Midnight Sun / Soleil de minuit
Words slamming to rebellious rhythms, bodies in a trance inhabiting every corner of a bustling city, characters in search of love, action, novelty and passion: welcome to Fancy Ghetto.  Staged in an alternative western world, the 10-song opus is the third release from Montreal's singer-songwriter Alexandre Désilets after Escalader l'ivresse (2008) and La garde (2010).

Morning glory / Gloire du matin
After two critically acclaimed albums, numerous tours, a trip to China, an invitation to play at the Great Escape (UK) and many awards later, Désilets returns with a playful, yet rigorous album. The sensuous texts, co-written with Mathieu Leclerc, barely mask the tragic fate of one who lives without measure, looking for affection in hazy loneliness. But where there's light, the body dances, the hips follow a grooved soul... Love is born just around the corner.
A leap into the world of dance and various recent musical collaborations have inspired Désilets to fully express his words and his skin-deep creativity. Désilets has invested heart and soul in this album that he co-produced with François Lafontaine (Karkwa, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Forêt etc.).

A perfect crime / Crime parfait
With a refined blend of sound and images, dirty bass, outstanding drums and melodies that will haunt you, every piece of this enigmatic world comes together through the 10 short stories. Désilets’ unique vocals sway gracefully from sound to word, with an emotionally charged intensity. His voice, an instrument on its own, brings to life those improbable, sexy and rebel lives, taking on destiny with open arms.
The heart of the Fancy Ghetto pulses to the beat of its characters and with it, Désilets proposes an honest album, in which the urgency to act, understand, discover and love is felt through every word.           

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