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Colin Moore

January 23rd 2021
This Friday Colin Moore à la Salle Promutuel Assurance
Bringing his classic rock antics to the masses while infusing it with a deep and soulful blues’spin –topped with a country twang that brings his roots back to the forefront –Colin Moore presents his first full length since 2013,“Golden” (Indica Records, 2022). Anew recordfor a new era, and yet again, the perfect excuse to dive headfirst into the music that engraved his origins. After a very successful run on Québec’s La Voix, where he placed second, Moore returns to familiar spheres, to the dirty sounds of whiskey and the intimate feeling of hitting the road with a harmonica crunching its melody.

Follow-up to 2013’s Heart of the storm, “Golden” is everything you would expect of the artist:A musical ellipse where Moore revives the spirit and vitality of the golden years as if to preserve the fizzled innocence from his youthful days, through the magnifying glass of a lucid “here & now”. A sound that has the maturity of his musicianship’s ambitions without mellowing down the fury. A deep reflection on the burning fire that is life with a need to reclaim his piece of heaven –in a climate plastered by anxiety and the uncertainty of a better tomorrow. A space where he can, at times, allow himself to dig into introspective and vulnerable territories (Unreachable Things); at times, observe our common flaws in the scenery flanked by misery and injustice (Feed The Flame); at times, opting for resilience with a rebellious flare (Golden). All of which encompasses the human and musical journey that carries the entire album. The singer-songwriter brought back in his longtime accomplice for another round, Ryan Battistuzzi, to take the reins as well as write and compose, stamping the album with a familiar vibe, while expanding the landscape to its full scope.

Growing up in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire, Colin Moore's interest in music began at a young age, brought on by festive family gatherings where music ruled. He quickly discovered the repertoires of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Joe Pug, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Social Distortion and The Beatles, to name a few. Influences that are still felt today. After Three albums and an EP –several tours and more than 500 Canadian, American and European dates, the man needs no introduction. Among the highlights, of course, was the unexpected and extraordinary experience of "La Voix", but also encounters with legends such as Jeff Martin, Rosanne Cash, Sophie Hunger, Paul Green, Kim Churchill and opening acts for CCR, Cat Empire, Alan Jackson, Roger Hodgson and more.

A seasoned musician, Moore puts forth a record which is the culmination of years of hard work and the sum of encounters and collaborations with his musical "family": the aforementioned Battistuzzi on electric guitar/studio engineer/co-producer, bassist Vincent Peake (Groovy Aardvark, GrimSkunk), Jonathan Bigras Aka Jaune (Galaxie) on drums, and finally, Alex Crow (Caféïne, Aut' Chose), on keyboards A true "dream team" of Quebec rock, opting for a bold and thoughtful sound and shining a light on an artist who is absolutely at the top of his game.
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