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Fleur de Peau


 Fleur de Peau was born in January 2023. It is composed of multi-instrumentalist Louis Fernandez (guitar, bass, keyboard, etc.) and Elie Dubois-Sénéchal on vocals. Louis Fernandez is a studio and touring musician, arranger and producer well known in the Quebec music scene. He traveled across Canada and Europe and participated in several studio sessions with groups and singer-songwriters such as Pascale Picard, Winter Gloves, Nicolas Gemus and tribute Karim Ouellet. As a composer within Fleur de Peau, Louis offers his lyrical and catchy melodies. For her part, Elie Dubois - Sénéchal is a multidisciplinary artist from Quebec. She is the author of several collections of poetry and comics. She also has a practice in cinema and photography. Elie has always had a great interest in music but it was with Fleur de Peau that she made her official entry into the musical world. She brings her committed and sensitive touch through the texts of the songs and her muffled voice. The duo’s first album Contre-sens is a combination of their talent, providing a poetic electro/ pop/ new-wave sound.

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