GrimSkunk - Indica Records -

GrimSkunk, one of Canada’s most enduring and hard-working independent
psych-rock-punk bands returns with their brand new album “Unreason In the Age of Madness”.

Recorded by GGGarth Richardson, producer of Rage Against the Machine’s legendary debut album, at his Farm Studios in Gibsons, British Columbia, the album is imbued with both the rich natural beauty of the western Canadian coastline, as well as an immediate urgency to halt the destructive path society and humanity have catapulted themselves onto.

Delving into the band’s exotic blend of tribal energy and unique eclectic sound, the album captures the GrimSkunk spirit with pure, raw intensity; a whirlwind of punk angst and outrage, and the hopeful, almost hippie idealism of those who still believe in a better world. As always, the band called upon fellow musicians to collaborate by adding their own creative element to certain tracks; GrimSkunk’s original drummer Alain VdeBC returning to co-write and arrange several
songs; Jorane’s gripping cello on the celestial acoustic “starlight”; Rodolphe Gagnon’s trancelike didjeridoo on “Let’s Start a War”; Paul Cargnello ’s sweet harmonies, Chris Vincent (Busty and the Bass) and Sapphira Harun’s 007 horn section, and Momo Coulibaly’s african rhythms in the sun-soaked “Same Mistake”; Jon Matte’s (The Franklin Electric) jazzy trumpet on “Hanging out in the rain”; and finally Denis Lepage’s (BARF, Colectivo) mandolin on the
franco-gypsy-punk anthem “Les Insoumis”.

“Unreason in the Age of Madness” was recorded in 2 short weeks; an adrenaline-fuelled rush of non-stop creativity and spontaneity, with little to no time for second guessing. Working with trust and true chemistry with GGGarth’s direction, the songs were whipped together in short artistic porch sessions, followed immediately by tracking while the vibe was fresh. Using an arsenal of 7 different guitar amps, each song was given its own individual sonic blend on the spur of the moment. Joe Evil’s trademark organ was run through a genuine hammond leslie, conjuring the bastard punk child of Jon Lord. The end result combines 70's psych-rock with the urgency of outraged punk/hardcore energy and lyrics; a Black Sabbath/Pink Floyd meets Rage Against the Machine statement of rock against conformity.

Tearing away at every fabric of human failure and society's ills; from the killing hypocrisy of the NRA gun lobby to the idiocracy of a Trump presidency, the album is an urgent call to arms for peace, a revolution of the heart; to reject the current climate of narrow-mindedness and intolerance, to shake off apathy and build a better future!

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