After winning a spot among the most innovative fringe of Canadian rap in Radio Radio and the duo Jacobus and Maleco, the musician proudly boasts The Return of Jacobus, the title of his first solo release.

When Jacques Jacobus reconnects with the name under which he first took the stage, he goes back in time and walks the path traveled between the birth of a rapper, haughtily donning chains and a cap, and the arrival of the sharply dressed dandy, who forged a place in the Quebecois and Acadian imagination. The question he asks throughout The Return of Jacobus is: which of these two incarnations corresponds best to his true identity? Without giving an answer, he reminds us that the true identity of one who questions himself is constantly changing.

In 2018, he evolves anew to become Jacobus again and leaves room for festivities, humor and overindulgence with the release of his upcoming new album. Somewhere between introspection and hedonism, between questioning and swaying, between rap and electro, he attempts to reconcile the innocence of his youth and the refinement of his thirties.

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