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No, we’re not talking about some cheap motel chain where you can pay your room by the hour. Qualité Motel is the new 100% electronic based side project from the band members of Misteur Valaire. This minimalistic formula swaps the heavy electro-acoustic gear to bring to the table five guys loaded with a basic sound system, just like a delicious international buffet. On the menu: drum machine and synthesizers from the good old days blend themselves to remind you that your body can move in unsuspected ways. Qualité Motel (QM for friends) will release their first album, entitled Motel Califorña, on April 2nd. For this debut album, the band managed to assemble an impressive and surprising guest list. It includes the likes of Stefie Shock, Mitsou, Grand Analog (Toronto), Socalled, Yann Perreau, Pintandwefall (Helsinki, Finland), James Di Salvio, Mrs.Paintbrush (Pittsburgh, USA), Karim Ouellet, Caracol, Elisapie Isaac, Béni bbq and Fanny Bloom. These well-known performers are helping turn these incendiary beats into worldwide hits. Although this dancing project is only a hobby for its members, they still deliver a powerful sound and a festive performance, whether it's on some of the biggest dance floors or in the smallest stucco-ceiling-hairy-angora-carpet motel room.

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