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January 30th 2017
Sometimes what brings the kids together is hating the Lunch Lady ! -Micheal Scott -#Fucktrump
A pioneer of Canada's alternative culture, author-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cafeïne was the first one surprised when his first album, Mal Eduqué Mon Amour, became a classic of Canada’s punk culture, raising him to cult like status. He quickly became known for his exciting and energetic performances. The punk mentality lives on with Cafeine whose uniqueness stems from the "in your face" style he embraces on stage.
Fluent in both English and French, Cafeine released his first full-band album, Poxy, in 2004. It rapidly became a critical success, helping Cafeine establish his music outside the borders’ of his home province with a performance at Much Music and the cover of Toronto’s Now magazine.  Cafeine followed up Poxy in 2006 with his first solo album Gisèle. The album showcased Xavier’s wide range of musical talent.  The disc is described as being authentic to the artist and rock fans and music critics praised it when released.
Cafeine launched his latest opus New Love last year. Recorded and mixed by Gus Van Go (The Stills, Hollerado, Priestess, etc.) in New York, the album embraces the songwriter’s punk and pop influences.  It was on this trip to the epicenter of punk's early days, somewhere between the legendary Lower East Side and East Village, where Cafeïne dons his leather jacket and revives the spirit of his critically acclaimed album "Gisele" in his latest release. What culminates is ten tracks inspired by Brit punk, pop and new wave influences that displays once again his keen sense of melody and musical arrangement.
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