Hey Major


It is with echoes of the golden age of Supertramp, David Bowie or Elton John that Mikaël and Rafael Fortin remember their childhood in the family nest. Eventually, Coldplay, Karkwa, Arctic Monkeys, Malajube, Jean Leloup, Arcade Fire, Black Keys and Radiohead would take to the floor and galvanize the musical imagination of what would become the art-rock tandem Hey Major.

Hailing from Sherbrooke, where the first musical stammerings were taking place, the two brothers first formed Orange O'Clock (2015 CBC Searchlight Award) and then, eventually, Hey Major, as soon as they were recruited into the ranks of the Montreal-based label Indica (Half Moon Run, Hein Cooper). It's in 2018 that a first single, Brother, was released, hailed by critics and radios - and capturing the primary essence of the band: The brothers' brotherly, if not symbiotic, chemistry that gives us a song as embodied as unabashed. And giving the tone for the continuation.

Carried by the percussive rhythms of the one and the saturated keyboards of the other, then toned by the guitars and arrangements of Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) in the Breakglass Studio, the first official engraved, The Station, appears in 2019, supported by the extracts "The station", "Goodfellas" and "Pour mieux respirer" which make beautiful figure in radio and seduces the public taken to witness in front of the tandem, squarely electric, on stage.

Inevitably marked by the pandemic as we all are, the polyglot formation takes refuge in the studio and reconnects with its roots, the time of a first francophone EP -Si pour une fois, released in November 2021- then, a second Feu Intérieur, to be released on June 24, 2022- marking the blow in the form of an album reuniting the two albums.

Aerial sounds, the themes of wandering, of inner flight, of the tightrope walker right on the wire abound and make the weft sparkle.  Then the panic quietly gives way to resilience. At the foot of the wall, the head in osmosis, the feet that yield to the unknown and plunge headfirst. And if already, "Sur une Ficelle" and "Le Gouffre" are well anchored the radios, the continuation announces itself, nothing less than stellar.

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