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Montreal-based five-piece Le Trouble is made up of twenty percent jamming and eighty percent hanging out. Le Trouble are five introverts who just happen to love making wellcrafted pop music, but instead of reaching for the top of the charts, they write for themselves. Unlike a lot of musical partnerships out there, Michael, Maxime, Jesse, Garrett and Bao-Khanh are friends first, so following a fleeting brush with the American pop machine that would've destroyed most bands, the motivation to keep playing and keep making memories only grew. With debut album Reality Strikes now firmly in the rearview mirror, they’re ready to go hard again with a new album on Indica Records. To them, the new album sounds like all five bandmates and their individual styles playing off each other and ultimately shining through. To the rest of us, it’s homebrewed pop
with honest lyrics and big hooks that might sound calculated, but are actually are cathartic ‘fuck yous’ they needed to let out. Like any band, they’ve faced their fair share of setbacks, but to them, failures are just the moments you end up laughing about later.

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