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Founded in 1997 by legendary Montreal indie-rockers, GrimSkunk, when they suddenly found themselves without a distributor, Indica Records  was started with $2000; a grassroots, do-it-yourself approach; and an overriding belief in "artist first" vision.

Armed with the mandate of supporting independent releases for great touring bands, lacking label support in Canada, Indica has since grown by leaps and bounds and has expanded its repertoire to encompass a variety of genres beyond the rock/punk/alternative music on which the label was founded, including folk, pop, indie, world and electro/rock.

The company's vision has not waivered, however.  ³We find artists with a great attitude, songwriting and originality.  What we put out has to be special, genuine, and capable of moving people. Our vision is simple: we are fans first."

You can submit us your demos by email via demo@indica.mu.

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